The Intelligent Traveller.

Warrior Traveller

IMG_20170722_103152What makes an Intelligent Traveller?

Many have asked that question & If you were to search online, there are millions of different debates & concepts of what, why & how to be an intelligent traveller nowadays.

Well, I’ve got my own logic on what defines the intelligent traveller & its not that hard to define at all.

Some of the info online can take you round in circles, hoying all sorts of wacked out info & crazy ideas on how to be an intelligent traveller.

When all you need is a bit common sense, with an extra bit of steely determination in your character, & I’m sure everyone possesses both.

Below is how I define the intelligent traveller, without going into such ridiculous detail that some search engines will smack you in the face with & that simply is’nt needed.

It’s all about research!

Research your destination, (the area, the…

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