Did You Know? Africa!


Random facts about popular destinations around the world.


Hey, so you love to travel & would like to know some facts about the destinations you visit.

Well if you do, here’s a few that just might be of interest to you!

Last time round on ‘Did You Know’ we were in Asia, this time our focus is in the fantastic Continent of Africa.


First stop, we’re in,



Did you know, Algeria’s landscape consists mostly of high plateau’s & the Sahara Desert, in fact, 80% of the whole country is covered by the Sahara, leaving mainly, only high land in its wake?


Next stop is,



Did you know, that Nigeria is often called the ‘Giant of Africa’ even though the country is rather small & that the name comes from the vastness of its land, the diversity of its people & its huge population, which is by far the largest in Africa?


Next up is,



Did you know, that Ethiopia is one of the oldest nations in the world, founded in 980 BC & that the Great Rift Valley cuts through the country from north east to south & is the only visible physical feature of Africa that can be seen from space?


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Did you know, that the Ancient Rock Paintings, dating back 5000 years, have been found in North Somalia & the most famous of them is the Laas Geel Complex, which are the earliest rock paintings ever to be found on the Continent?


Our next destination is,



Did you know, that the Equator cuts Kenya almost exactly in half & because of this the landscapes of Kenya range from tropical rainforests to baron deserts?


Next stop we’re in,



Did you know, that nearly half of the country is protected, as Namibia takes conservation very seriously & that more than 40% is under conservation management. It was also the 1st African country to incorporate enviromental protection into its constitution, hence its bountiful, thriving wildlife?


Next is,



Did you know, that Botswana is dominated by the semi-arid Kalahari Desert, which spills across most of ths country, & therefore because of this, its one of the most sparsely populated nations in the world?


Next up is,


south-africa-safaris-header.jpgSouth Africa.

Did you know, that the Table Mountain in Cape Town, is believed to be one of the oldest mountains in the world & one of the planets 12 main energy centres, radiating magnetic, electric & spiritual energy & the rest of its landscape is so diverse, having deserts, wetlands, grasslands, bush, mountains & subtropical forests, all included in its terrain?


Our final stop, last but by no means least is,


Did you know, that situated off the south east coast of Africa, the Island of Madagascar is still considered part of the Continent & its the 4th largest Island in the world & also that it developed in pure isolation, therefore it has some unique wildlife not found anywhere else on the planet?



Well thats your rather random facts from destinations around the world.

Join me next time on, ‘Did You Know?’

😎 Stay cool Travellers! 😜





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