Countries & their Legends! UK


Now then,

Hello everyone!

With this one were focusing on countries & their legends. Last time we were in the Americas, this time were in my home country of the United Kingdom.

Obviously just like before, countries have many legends but I’m only picking one from each, so if my list offends you in anyway, then just like before, you can gladly go ahead & complain at:-



Only joking:)


First off were in,





Sir Winston Churchill.


Sir Winston Churchill is definitely an English legend & he sits proudly on the top of the pops of my list! He was the man for the job when England needed him most.

‘Wor Winston’ was born on 30th november 1874 & sadly died 24th January 1965. Sir Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill was a politician & statesman who served as Prime Minister of the UK from 1940-45 & again from 1951-55. He did the job for us in the war & that’ll do me!

My favourite quote from him is,

“If your going through hell, keep going.”

Love that me!


Next up,


Edinburgh, Scotland



Sir William Wallace.


Sir William Wallace, adored by every Scot on the planet for his stance against England & his own political countrymen.

He was born on 3rd April 1270 & died on 23rd August 1305. Sir William Wallace was a Scottish knight who became the main leader during the Wars of Scottish Independence. He defeated an English army at the Battle of Sterling Bridge in 1297.

We’ve all seen the film Braveheart. “FREEDOM.” yeah William, freedom to us all:)

My Grandad was scottish so William Wallace was probably my great, great, great, great, great uncle or something like that somewhere down the line;)


Next up on my list is,


Somewhere in Wales



Sir Tom Jones.


Yes thats right, Sir Tom Jones is 100% a Welsh legend! Adored by many throughout the world & one of Wales living legends. Sir Tom was born on 7th June 1940 & is a living singing legend from Wales. Some of his best hits are, Delilah, Its not unusual & many more, as he still likes a sing-a-long today!


Last but not least is,


Carrickarede, Northern Ireland

Northen Ireland,


George Best.


“Georgie, Georgie, they call him the Belfast boy.” Yeah man!

George Best a pure legend & loved by many, especially the Northern Irish folk. One of footballs greatest of all time. Last but definitely not least on my list!

George Best was born in Belfast on 22nd May 1946 & sadly died, 25th November, 2005. He played for many teams but his greatest achievements were with Man United.

He had a few issues with alcohol, but dont we all:) George Best was a fantastic footballer, a bit like myself 😜 & even ‘Pele of Brazil’ said, “George was the greatest player in the world!”

I definitely agree with that.


Well thats my list of UK legends. Thanks for reading & see you next time!

Take it easy Travellers 😜



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