Budget Airlines for Budget Travellers.

United Kingdom


So your planning your next adventure & europe is your destination of choice. But like most, your on a shoestring budget & will have to be smart by being conscious of your costs.

You’ve done some of the hard work already & booked your hostel or hotel via a cheap & cheerfull, friendly site that hasn’t hurt your budget too much.


One more step & your almost done.


All thats left for you to do is to find yourself some budget friendly flights that’ll happily take you on your journey.


Well never fear

WarriorTraveller is here 😜


Maybe I can help you out with a list of the best & more importantly the cheapest airlines out there that’ll get you knocking on europe’s door in next to no time at all.


Now there’s lots of other airline options that simply were’nt lucky enough to feature on my lucky 7 list & thats bad news for them.


However, there’s some good news for you, as europe’s sector is very competitive at the moment. So lets not waste any more time, we’ll just jump right in & check out the best available for those travelling on a budget.


1st on my lucky 7 list is,



# Vueling – Is a spanish based airline with great connections throughout europe. Its definitely my 1st choice & should be yours! You’ll find some crazy cheap deals if you fly with Vueling as their a fairly new airline with a serious view on competing with the cheapest around. Its an excellent source of travel for any shoestring budget.


2nd on my list is,



# Ryan Air – Is an irish based airline with some excellent, fast & reliable routes. They also visit the smaller airports that many other airlines dont & travelling with Ryan Air is definitely one of the cheapest you’ll find.


3rd on my list is,

London, UK


# Easy Jet – Is a UK based airline thats another great prospect for the budget traveller. With fantastic connections to the whole of europe, easy jet is always a good option.


4th on my list is,



# Euro Wings – Is a german based airline with fast & reliable connections & is another cheap alternative to any other on my list.


5th on my list is,



# Wizz Air – Is a hungarian airline that caters for europe & is a great airline for visiting eastern europe in particulat.. If your on a budget then this is a very viable option.


6th on my luck 7 list is,

Stonehenge, UK


# Jet 2 – Is another UK based airline with popular destinations around europe. You’ll find some very good prices to fit your budget if you choose to travel with them.


7th & last on my list is,



# Pegasus Airline – This is a turkish based firm with a full list of popular destinations available & with some very popular prices to be found aswell.


Well thats my lucky 7 list of airlines for those travelling on a budget.


Its best to book your flights at least a month in advance for the cheapest deals & to avoid peak travel times like christmas, easter & summer breaks for even more savings & dont forget to book mid-week flights as you’ll be surprised how much cheaper it is when you do!

& always check if your booking cost includes your baggage as some dont. Its a silly trick they like to play & you’ll have to fork out the extra cost at the airport. So be aware!


Take care Travellers & enjoy your flight 😜



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