The Sunday Journal.

cropped-cropped-000001176446160.jpgAnother one for The Sunday Journal.

Well, its been a fascinating week, this week.

I sit here still half dead from my ‘friday highday’ expeditions, but we’ll just crack on shall we, because just like Mo Farah, I’m a one man, world super power!

Well done ‘Wor Mo’.

On tuesday I had a surprise, when The Thrifty Campers nominated me for the Liebster Award. Whatever the f##k that is! But thanks very much you lovely people.

It was great to read their post, then seeing my blog amongst their nominations. I must admit though, it was hard graft, what I had to do to compete, like answer their questions, then make my own, then link 11 other blogs, then inform them & the list goes on. But hey, thanks again for the nomination to,

I had my mental health assessment this week, funny experience that was, they dont half delve deep. I felt mentally attacked by the end of their prying. They want to know you inside out, from the beginning of your childhood. Anyway, Multipule Personality Disorder, was their main focus of the day.

Has’nt everyone on the planet got some kind of personality disorder though?

Its called emotions tit!.

Maybe its just the newest medical jargon ‘in’ term, that’s been brought to the forefront by the marvelous work of Prince William & Harry.

I think what there doing to help highlight mental illness is great, but were all a bit Bipolar if you ask me!

This blog gives me something to focus on & I believe its a good thing for me mentally & with my next adventure slowly sneaking up. Roll on september, then you can picture me rolling in Spain (Mi vida loca.)  That should help to sort my head out a bit. I bet your sick of me talking about that now eh?

Well why dont you just do 1 then!:)


Celebrity big brothers been a hoot, the celebrity one is always best, their so eccentric, to the point that their basically mental! Although it has’nt been that entertaining this year. But there”s not much else to do at 9 o clock, so thats been the highlight of my nights when I sit back & chill.

Sad as?

Well I’m not bothered!


The Athletics has been good, shame about Usain Bolt ⚡ being beat by Gatlin, in the 100 metre final. Fare enough Gatlin was a cheat with the drugs thing in the past, but if you think about, he was’nt cheating lastnight when he beat Bolt.

Every dog has its day!


‘Friday Highday’ was emotional, cant really remember much of it to tell you the truth.

I’m still worried about checking my phones photo gallery, incase its like something off the hangover part 1&2

Saturday brought the start of the new football season, yeah man!

Something to shout about & wind my neighbours up in the process,

I’ll soon get rid of that c#*t;)


Not much else to say really, even though I haven’t shut up for 502 words! So I’m thinking I’ll just run my ‘The Sunday Journal’ post on a 2-4 week basis from today.

So take care peoples, have a great week 😜


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