Did You Know? Asia.

IMG_20170729_105504Random facts about popular destinations around the world.


Hey, do you love to travel & like to know some random facts about the destinations you visit.

Well here’s a few that might just be of interest to you.

This time round we’ll focus on countries in Asia.



Did you know, that the Great Wall of China is a staggering 13,170 miles long & was built in different dynasties & that one of those dynasties, (the Qin Dynasty) used rice flour to bind the bricks in a large part of the wall?




Did you know, that the amazing site of the Lonar Lake, a salt water lake in Maharashtra, India, was created when a meteor hit the Earth?


maxresdefault (1)Thailand,

Did you know, Thailand has 1,430 islands, the most famous is Koh Phi Phi Lee, which was featured in Danny Boyle’s film The Beach?



Did you know, more than 1 million people climb Mount Fuji every year, during the climbing season. & with a height of 3,776 miles, climbing this sacred mountain is’nt the easiest of tasks?



Did you know, that almost half of Iran has a desert climate, but oddly enough there’s a popular ski resort next to the capital city, Tehran?



Did you know, that in the province of Camiguin, the Philippines, there’s more Volcanos than there is Towns, (7 Volcanos & only 5 Towns.) Luckily there has’nt been an eruption since the 1950’s?



Did you know, Malaysia has 40,934 miles of highway, which is more than the Earth’s circumference of 24,901 miles in total?



Ok, thats your rather random facts from destinations around the world. See you next time on, ‘Did You Know’?

Take care Travellers! 😜



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