If you Criticize, you Advertise.



No matter what you say, if you say it the right way, even the against, will stiil make the mind sway there way. CRITICIZE TO ADVERTISE!

After visiting NomadicMatt’s travel site, where he’s basically talking about the drop in standards of ‘The Lonely Planet’ in recent times. Even though he’s pointing out all there faults, I still came away from his post with The Lonely Planet constantly on my mind & with that I went straight to Amazon to download some more of The Lonely Planets ebooks.

So was this a true feeling post or a conspiracy to deceive the mind with fantastic reverse psychology? I have to go with the latter, hence this post!

Even the worst form of criticism can work in the favour of the advertised, its just the way its put across, so was this a ploy between NomadicMatt & The Lonely Planet or just me using my minds potential to its fullest, or am I just being paranoid?


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