Liebster Award Nomination.

IMG_20170801_184816_328Thank you The Thrifty Campers for nominating me for the LIEBSTER AWARD.

There’s a few rules to follow:-

#1 Answer questions that your nominator has asked you.

#2 Nominate 11 other bloggers with under 200 followers.

#3 Ask your nominee’s 11 questions.

#4 Let them know you nominated them.

Here’s my answers to the questions asked by The Thrifty Campers.

#1 What made you decide to join wordpress community?

I decided to join, as I was looking for something extra in my life & somewhere to express myself. Somewhere I could try a new challenge & comunicate via my writing. WordPress community looked very interesting & I was intrigued, so I joined up & was’nt dissapointed!

#2 What do you love about nature?

Absolutely everything! I could go on & on but I love the outdoors, I love to get amongst all nature & thrive. I love Earth its that simple & the power of mothernature is amazing! Although I must admit, I have this intense burning inside that I just cant put out for, Volcano’s:)

#3 If you had to choose a favourite wild life animal, what would it be?

A Lion!   I class myself as a lion amongst men😜, so that says it all. Wolves coming in a close second.

#4 What are you most appreciative for?

My child, who I absolutely adore & I’m very proud of!

#5 What would you like to tell me about yourself, in order to be friends?

Thats a good one! Well I’m loyal, someone who appreciates the power of friendship. I’m very honest & my crack’s amazing:) last but not least, I’ve got multiple personalities, so if you dont like one, you might like the other!

#6 What challenge have you overcome in life?

Life just keeps throwing challenges my way, but the biggest is personal tragedy of the loss of my partner, my childs mother. Sorry it bit deep of an answer, but hey, I said I was honest.

#7 To you, what is the meaning in life?

Another good question! To me the meaning of life is, raising my child & to make sure life is the best it can be, with what we have. (& to travel.)

#8 What was the best vacation you have ever been on?

Well I’ve been on quite a few & dont plan on stopping any time soon. But I have to say San Javier, Murcia, Spain & why I say that is, it must of been, as I’m all set to move there soon.

#9 An extraordinary experience you would like to share with your fellow bloggers?

Hmmm, Well, in Thailand I had a shot of snake blood & felt as though I was tripping for the rest of the night:)

#10 What are you passionate about & why?

My child first & foremost, then to travel, & travel & travel &….. I’m a very passionate person, which is a good thing. Why, well obviously I love my child more than myself & to travel is to grow, its good for the mind, body & sole. To experience different cultures & learn is fantastic. Knowledge is power, & all that.

#11 Why is it important to engage with other bloggers?

Because other bloggers have the same thing in common, we all have a talent that’s nice to share amongst each other & if we did’nt engage sometimes, then whats the point. Its just ignorant not to engage with other bloggers if I’m being honest.


Well, thats my answers, thanks for the questions!

Now I have to nominate 11 other bloggers.

My nominee’s are:-,miura.adaytripfromtokyo/2017/7/26/

My questions to them, if they wish to participate are:-

#1 if you could live anywhere in the world, where would be your destination of choice?

#2 if you have one, who is your favourite blogger at this time?

#3 what is your main goal in life?

#4 if you were reincarnated what would you come back as?

#5 what is the best thing in your life at the moment?

#6 what would be your dream job?

#7 what are you passionate about & why?

#8 what do you think is the main you have in common with other bloggers?

#9 what is your favourite foreign dish?

#10 what challenges have you overcome in life?

#11 do you agree that Britian should leave the European Union, or do you think its a mistake?








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