‘Quick, Trick, Camping Tip.’


Tips & Tricks for Camping!

A camping trick to share, for those that like a spot in the open air & who enjoy a bit of the good old camping trip.

Hey everyone, last time we did 2 different ways to make a campfire, without a lighter or match, which is a tip that could come in very handy for any camper, especially if your camping alone.

Well this time my Quick, Trick, Camping Tip will focus on, water!

So, were going to make murky water potable (using water purification tablets.)

Ok, you’ve been a fool & forgot to bring your bottled water while you camp out in the wilderness all alone. Your really thirsty, what are you going to do!

Dont stress ‘WarriorTraveller’ once again has the answer 😜

Your in luck as there’s a river nearby were you made your pitch.

So here goes, you’ll first need:-

* A pot (preferably with a lid)

* Several pieces of clean cloth

* A funnel

* A container for carrying your murky water

* A campfire (what you built using our campfire trick)

Ok, your a keen camper, so you’ve managed to get together the above kit. Now its time for the procedure.

#1 You’ll filter your water, (that nasty looking stuff you collected from the nearby river,) by stuffing your funnel with the clean pieces of cloth. Then you’ll position your funnel over your pot. Slowly pour the murky water from your container into the cloth filtering funnel.

#2 Then you’ll place your pot full of the drained water from the funnel, into or over your burning campfire & let it boil for atleast 20 minutes. This will kill most of the chemicals & bacteria from the river water.

#3 Carefully remove the pot after your 20 minute boil, then you can add your water-purification tablets into the water & stir until they have fully dissolved.

#4 Then you can let your pot cool & settle for about 30 minutes. Making sure to keep your pot lid on.

#5 After your 30 minutes, you’ll see sediments formed on the base of your pot. Be careful not to disturb them as you pour the water from your pot into your cup.

& ‘viola’ your now fully purified water is ready for you to drink!

Easy as!

Thats another ‘Quick, Trick, Camping Trick’ for you to be proud of.

Stay cool campers & always drink fresh water! 😜


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