The Sunday Journal.

cropped-cropped-000001176446160.jpgAnother one for The Sunday Journal.

Hello again to all, how’s everyone doing? All good I hope! Well, I’ve just filled my face & smashed an early dinner. There’s nothing better than the good old traditional English on a sunday, I had the full works, very nice indeed.

It’s been an ok week this week, I’ve managed to fill another two chapters in my new book “Traveling Warrior”. Suffered a bit from the dreaded writers block mid-week but I finally got past it. Now it’s coming on nicely. I’ve just got to keep focused I suppose & work on it atleast every other day.

I was actually at my doctors this week as my mental health is deteriorating to a level, where I think I’m starting to take on the persona of the main character in my book. Strange one that eh? I’ve got a full on mental health assessment coming up, so we’ll see how that one goes.

I’ve been cracking on with the spanish grammar & vocabulary. Starting to string sentences together nicely. I’ll be fluent before you know it!

I’m still looking forward to my trip to Spain, late September. Barcelona, Madrid & Murcia. I must of planned it all out, about 50 times by now already & I’ll still probably re-plan it again tomorrow:) It’s all good! & I had some good news this week. One of my friends from Canada, who I’ve never seen for ages, is in Spain the same time as me, so were going to meet up in Barcelona for a day on the ‘razzle dazzle’. Looking foward to that one aswell. Roll on late september!

I was in Newcastle this week, as you might see by one of my posts. Had a good day out & ended up on the hoy once again! I’ve decided to give my liver a rest, for atleast a day & half.

Friday was a hoot! Friday highday & all that. Decided to get out me nut on absenth, then ended up drinking hot toddies (whiskey tea, sort of.) I’m still in the recovery postion now, from that episode.

I’ve decided I’m in love with sassyzengirl, I’ve been smashing her ebooks on Amazon, smart sassy girl! I think her crack is amazing😜 her ebooks make fascinating reading, very informative. Intelligence is a turn on 😉 You should check her out, all her books are available for download to kindle ebooks on Amazon. Thats definitely my first port of call when I finish my book. Head straight down the self-publishing route on kdp, why not!

On checking my followers today I’ve just noticed I’m close to 1000. (whoop, whoop) I’m actually buzzing! Mind you, thats with my linked account aswell. But its still a milestone to be proud of.

I’ve realised that its hard graft to get many on wordpress itself & grow an audience. Maybe I should start with-holding my trigger finger on that follow button myself. I’m not complaing though as I am making steady progress, although at a slow rate. But hey, its all good! When I hit that 1000 I might throw a party & your all invited. 😜

Not much else has happened this week apart from a lot of brainstorming that is. I’ve got loads of new ideas for my blog, now its just putting them all into some kind of action plan & try to make the best of them on here.

Well, that’s another one done & dusted for The Sunday Journal. Thats enough from me chatting your heads into submission. Take care everyone & have fun! Peace & happiness to you all.




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