Did You Know? The America’s

IMG_20170721_115430Random facts about popular destinations around the World.

Hey, do you love to travel & like to know some facts on the destinations you cover. Well here’s some that just might interest you!

This time round we’ll focus on North & South America. With 5 countries from each. So here goes!


Did you know, there is enough water in Lake Superior in the United States, to cover the entire landmass of North & South America combined.


Did you know, the magnificent country of Canada, is the 2nd largest country in the world, right after Russia.


Did you know, Mexico’s size is 756,066 square miles. Which is almost 3 times larger than Texas.


Did you know, Cuba has more than 11 million inhabitants, making it the Caribbean’s 2nd most populated island & 16th most populated in the world.


Did you know, Jamaica has the most churches per square mile of any other country in the world. Over 1,600 churches & that number is still growing.


Did you know, Angel Falls in Venezuela is the highest uninterrupted waterfall in the world, its 979 metres high & its water plunges to 870 metres.


Did you know, the Anconcagua in Argentina, is the highest mountain in South America, at 22,837 ft. Its the 2nd highest in the world, behind Mount Everest in Asia.


Did yoi know, in Brazil alone, around 150 different languages are spoken, the most widely spoken there are, Portuguese & Spanish.


Did you know, the port city of Buebaventura in Colombia is considered the wettest inhabited place on earth, also being considered the wettest city in the world.


Did you know, Chile is the longest country in the world, from North to South, at 2647 miles (4,620km) long & expands across 38 degrees of latitude.

Well, that’s your random facts from countries in the Americas. See you next time on, “Did You Know!”


5 thoughts on “Did You Know? The America’s

  1. Good facts again . I can believe that Jamaica has all those churches . Funny, I knew that information on Canada , but as for the the information on Lake Superior , didn’t know that and I’m always preaching to my nephews how awful it is that we Americans, have no idea what is in our country ! Good post as usual .

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