‘Six Trix’ You Can Do In Newcastle!

FB_IMG_1501072093375Newcastle Upon Tyne is a City in the North East of England, for all of you that have no clue.

Its a fantastic city, with a fantastic football team!

If you were to visit Newcastle, you would’nt be dissapointed. There’s so much to visit & so much to do in this vibrant city, that it’s almost impossible to feature it all in this article. So I’m only writing a few.

Newcastle is a city rich in history. Ship building is one of many, this wonderfull city has to offer & has been involved in since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution. It still has many fantastic shipyards all along the River Tyne.

It’s known as ‘Geordie Land’ amongst the locals & the ‘Geordies’ are a welcoming, friendly bunch of people. With a very strong accent to match 🙂

This is’nt a history lesson though, so I’ll leave that for now & give you my ‘six trix’ you can do if you visit Newcastle.


Visit the home of Newcastle United Football Club. A superb ground that is renowned for it’s sporting facilities around the world. The stadium is a fortress based right in the heart of the city, it’s a fantastic sight to behold. The stadium is now called The Sporting Direct Stadium, but it’ll always be known as the famous ‘St’James Park’ amongst the Geordie Faithfull. You can enquire about booking a tour & see what this place has to offer & I promise you, that it has a lot to offer any visitor to Newcastle. It’s a must go to place for any tourist & thats why its 1st on my list.


You simply have to visit the Millenium Bridge & take a few snaps on your camera. With other bridges, all next to each other, in this part of the River Tyne, it’s a great sight for those with sore eyes & the surrounding area is packed with local landmarks & activities you can visit.FB_IMG_1501073113551The Millenium Bridge is a moving bridge, that basically folds itself up when boats need to pass through. ‘Impressive huh’!! You won’t be dissapointed with this on your list.


Visit The Sage. This excellent landmark has lots of different things going on & is open to the public everyday & night. With some great bands & many types of shows & concerts including, local singers, brass bands & even Opera available. You’ll be happy that you took the time to investigate this area of the River Tyne a little further.


Visit the Big Market & surrounding areas in the City Centre. The nightlife in Newcastle is outstanding! With the friendly Geordies & people who have visited from afar, this place is ‘Happening.’  it’s got many hip pubs, clubs & places to eat, it’s got everthing really, as it’s right in the heart of the city! A must go to place, for any visitor who likes a bit fun with a little bit of mayhem!

Eldon Square Shopping Centre - 2015_zps1niqbpydNo#5

Visit Eldon Square. A brilliant shopping centre, that has every known retail outlet available to the keen shopper & with lots of fun activities. Also based in the heart of the City Centre, you can’t & don’t want to miss it! It has it’s own outdoor square area for everyone to chill, that attracts people from all walks of life, including Goths, Skateboarders, Cyclists & Hippies. There’s something for everyone here in Newcastle & you will definitely enjoy your visit to Eldon Square!


My last of the ‘six trix’, you can do in Newcastle is the Life Centre. This place is cool, with many art exhibits & a museum inside. It has some great activities with many options on offer for both kids & adults. It’s even got its own outdoor ice rink for you to enjoy! Again based in the heart of the City Centre. You will be glad you visited Here.

There are more exciting & entertaining things you can do in this brilliant City of Newcastle, like the Baltic Art Centre & many more.

So why not book that trip & give this great place a visit. The ‘Geordies’ will welcome you with open arms.

Hope to see you soon Travellers!


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