The Intelligent Traveller.

IMG_20170722_103152What makes an Intelligent Traveller?

Many have asked that question & If you were to search online, there are millions of different debates & concepts of what, why & how to be an intelligent traveller nowadays.

Well, I’ve got my own logic on what defines the intelligent traveller & its not that hard to define at all.

Some of the info online can take you round in circles, hoying all sorts of wacked out info & crazy ideas on how to be an intelligent traveller.

When all you need is a bit common sense, with an extra bit of steely determination in your character, & I’m sure everyone possesses both.

Below is how I define the intelligent traveller, without going into such ridiculous detail that some search engines will smack you in the face with & that simply is’nt needed.

It’s all about research!

Research your destination, (the area, the people, the culture, etc.) Is it a safe, go to area? Are the people friendly? do they readily accept foreigners? Can you integrate into the community easily enough.

Research your flights. (Check different sites for the best prices, times & dates etc.) Go to compare sites like, Skyscanner, Kayak, GoEuro & many more that are available.

My favourite is,

(& Never miss your flight back home, unless you can afford to.)

Research all legal requirements for entry. ( visas, timescale of allowed stays in the country, etc.) Visit your intended destination’s Embassy website where the info you need on any of the above requirements will be there for you. (You might have to pay an on the spot visa fee at the airport when you arrive, that you had no idea about.)

Research your accommodation, (your hotel, apartment, hostel, campsite, etc.) Is your accommodation clean & safe? Is it situated in or close to your wanted area? (eg, next to beach/city or close to travel links like trains,buses etc.) The true cost! You can get a fright if you turn up & theres some crazy extra hidden cost at your hotel. Always make sure before you book!

And finally, last but not least!

Reseach & plan your budget. (An itinerary plan.) Planning the prices of all the above & any extra costs you may need. (spends, eg drink, food, nights out & extra clothing, etc.) Making sure that you stay within your budget, obviously will help make your holiday that much better. (theres nothing worse than running out of funds with days left before your flight is due home.)

Thats basically it, aslong as you do the above, then you can class yourself as the intelligent traveller who can safely & smartly travel to any destination in the world. (And get back home again.)

Wherever & whenever you decide to take a break abroad, just plan & research, then your time there will run smoothly.

With everything flowing along rather nicely, you can relax & enjoy, knowing that, you are,

The Intelligent Traveller!


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