‘Travel News On Crac.’

cropped-cropped-000001176446160.jpgWelcome to ‘Travel News On Crac’

This is the place, where you’ll find out about all the crazy & sometimes, damn right ‘cracked up’ travel news from around the globe!

I’ve just received breaking news:-

Reports coming in today, all the way from Bangkok, Thailand.

A Thai resident is claiming she’s pregnant & the father of her unborn child, is none other than the legend, Ronnie (The Rocket) O’Sullivan, the master of the snooker world!

On speaking to Ronnie The Rocket earlier today, he strongly denies this Thai persons claims!

Further stating, that he’s never even been to Bangkok!

The Thai resident replied to the denial from Ronnie, by stating she’s sure it was him, because he went off his nut when he seen my penis!

In other cracked up news from around the globe.

Coming in from the Swamp land of Australia:-

An Irishman on holiday in Australia has lost his left foot While fighting with a Crocodile.

He stated to my team of correspondences earlier today,

that he wishes it was his right foot, as hes a keen footballer, who has a sweet left foot and plays like Messi.

Further stating, whats this going to do to my future football career?

Thats it from my team around the globe today.

Join me next time on “Travel On Crac.’IMG_20170720_092812



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