The Sunday Journal.

cropped-000001176446160.jpgA week or two?

I’m sitting here, on sunday with a pint of Guinness, debating my next move. Shall I have something a bit stronger before I begin or shall I start planning my next adventure. My flights are already booked. I’m off to sunny Spain, late September this year & I’m really looking forward to it. First stop Barcelona then Madrid & finally on to Murcia. So it’s time to think about my intinerary plan as more often than not I just pack my kit & see where I end up & whatever it is I get up to just seems to flow along nicely. The planning is just out of eagerness to be there. I’m thinking atleast 3 days in Barcelona, 2 days in Madrid, but I’m not sure how long I’m going to stay in Murcia, it will depend on how far I can stretch the funds, it’l be for 2 days at the very least & 7-10 days at the most. I’ve been saving for this trip since february, so it’l not be a struggle to stay on top of my budget really, but I sometimes think I’m flush on my travels & daftly go overboard, especially when I’m dancing like Usher from bar to bar in Barcelona.

I’ve just put the final few things in my backpack, I’m all set to go & it’s only July! I’m already biting at the bit. Now all thats left is to decide on accommodation, shall I book before I travel or do what I normally do & just jump on the plane & worry about all that when I land. Shall I hit the hostels, the hotels or hit my trusted tent. I’ve packed it just incase, so it looks like I’ve subconsiously already made my decision on booking before I travel or not. Or is it just out of habit that I always put it in the backpack first? In Barcelona it’s likely to be a hostel, Madrid might see a hotel booking, but Murcia will see the re-birth of my tent as I’l be hitting the campsite for some serious watersport activity. Back to San Javier for me! Who knows I might even splash out & buy a caravan their & not come back. The plan for the future is to settle in Spain & San Javier just might be top of my list. If I do it’l be a rented apartment though not a caravan. Go over with atleast a years worth of rent & spending money, then just make my way from there. It’s not too hard to earn your bit wherever you are is it. Still thats one for future thoughts.

Tomorrow I’m hitting the travel agent to exchange some pounds to euro’s. One more task ticked off my list.

I’ve been brushing up on my spanish this week, I’m hoping on eventually being fluent, but there’s still a lot more to learn. It’s just that there’s that many different ways to say basically the same thing, it can get a bit frustrating at times but I’m definitely more than half way there to holding my own talking to anyone in spanish & this next visit to spain will see further improvements. I’m a fast learner but it is a difficult language to learn if your trying to cut deep into it & suss every aspect of their vocabulary. It gets the mind active so its all good!

Anyway, this is just a short one from “The Sunday Journal.” Time for some of that stronger stuff to tickle the taste buds.

Take care peoples. See you sunday!

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