Moving Abroad?

IMG_20170719_130123Some useful questions to ask yourself before moving abroad.

So your living the dream & have decided to move abroad. Well you’ve come to the right place as here is a list of some great questions, tips & info you’ll need before you finally pack up the rest of your belongings & start to live your dream in your new destination.

Whatever your motivation for this life changing decision you have made, your certainly facing an exciting new challenge in your life, which if your not carefull you may fall flat on your face at the first few steps. But dont worry, help is at hand. Traveling Warrior is here to save the day.

You will need some methodical planning & organisation to make sure everything goes smoothly. Intergrating into a foreign country is always enriching & mind broadening but many people underestimate the depth & extent of the differences that can occur. Like culture, education, attitudes, etiquette, religion & administrative structure to name just a few.

Here is a quick list of the first few things you should think about.

* Whats the legal requirements for residency.

* Is the cost of living within your means.

* Financial planning. Can you really afford the type of property your buying or renting.

* Can you speak or learn the language.

* Is it possible to work straight away in your new country.

* Is high quality health care available & at what cost. Always have a full medical check & needles you may need before you go.

* Relocation cost, your travel & your worldly goods.

* Visa requirements.

* Have you copied all your documents.

* All upfront costs including agency fees. Is it worth what your paying.

* Schools for your kids, is there good quality education.

* Dont forget to tell your bank & clear all other legal matters before you leave.

And thats just for starters. Make sure you check theses off your list before moving on.

Sometimes its best to rent a property for a while before you think about buying anywhere on impulse. You’ll be to get the feel for the place before making rash decisions. Why not book a couples of weeks somewhere close to your chosen destination to really suss the place out first.

Whatever you decide on, I would suggest looking back on these short questions & tips before you jump in head first. These are the first things you should think about & the best advice I could give with the above is to research, research, research before you commit & once you’ve done that your ready to go, Lucky you!

For all you that are seriously considering moving abroad. Good luck & I wish you the best. Congrats on living the dream.


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