Can you beat the Quickfire Travel Quiz?

IMG_20170718_123231Can you get the perfect 10?

So, you love to travel & you’ve been to many destinations around the world, or are you just a smart arse that knows all the answers.

I’ve got 10 quickfire questions for you in my travel quiz. So here goes. They might get a little harder as you go. In this particular quiz we will focus on countries & cities. Lets see how many of you can get the perfect 10.

No cheating! Its quickfire questions, so quickfire answers:)

Question #1

In what country did Muhammad Ali beat George Foreman in their fight, The Rumble in the Jungle?

Question #2

In what city in America did that crackajack murder John Lennon?

Question #3

What country holds the largest population of Polar Bears?

Question #4

What city in the world holds the largest population of people?

Question #5

What country has the most amount of recorded shark attacks?

Question #6

In what city is the world famous football stadium, the Nou Camp?

Question #7

What country has the highest recording of Malaria this year?

Question #8

What city is the capital of Morocco?

Question #9

What country won the football World Cup in 1990, beating Argentina 1-0 in the final?

Question #10

In what city did the £200 million Hatten Garden Heist occur?

Well, did you manage to get the perfect 10?

If not don’t stress, just brush up on your skills for next time, in the Quickfire Travel Quiz!


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