Travelers, If you find your Yin, you will find your Yang.

IMG_20170719_130055Now us Travelers all like to pride ourselves on being different from the norm. Raising the peace symbol or proudly sporting a flash new tattoo of the symbol Yin & Yang! We do this because we”ve all been on a journey, a journey of self discovery. All of us trying to find the true meaning of inner peace & outer happiness. We travel from place to place, searching, always searching for something. But some never find that special something, so their search goes on & on.IMG_20170718_123640

Some however, finally reach the peak, standing on top of a mountain, having finally found their inner-warrior. Through out each step of their journey they have gradually become stronger, more at ease with themselves & have evolved around their newly found independence.

Many Travelers have included Tai Chi in their search to become the best they can be. I’m a bit of a Tai Chi nut myself, so I’m spreading the word on the many benefits this form of Martial Art has to offer. Tai Chi is also known as Tai Chi Chuan, “Shadow Boxing”. It has five major styles & has great benefits for your physical & mental health & helps to develop inner & outer strength. It’s main meaning is “Supreme Ultimate”. Everything in the universe consists of both Yin & Yang. Their forces are opposites, but compliment each other, so long as their balanced. They must be balanced for harmony to exist & for all things to function properly. When the forces are out of balance, conflict arises and proper function ceases. The underlying principle of the Yin & Yang symbol is complete balance & harmony with all that exists. Many Travelers can relate to this, because after all their all on their own personal journey for complete balance in themselves, physically but most of all mentally. Thats why we travel, to see the world, connect & discover. So for all you Travellers out there looking for more, why not try Tai Chi & find your Yin & Yang. It well help you on your road to discovery & improve your general health, coordination, balance, strength, flexibility, concentration & true self awareness. Get yourself a dvd or join a class on your travels. Trust me, it will help you on your journey to being the “Supreme Ultimate” Traveller, who found their Yin, then found teir Yang!



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