Quick, Trick, Camping Tip!

Tips & tricks for Campers.IMG_20170718_123510

A camping trick to share for those that like a spot in the open air & who enjoy a bit of the good old camping trip.

The Campfire.

You’ve been a fool & fell in the river whilst out camping, with the only lighter you brought for your trip now soaking wet, with no life left. It’s freezing cold. What are you going to do?

Option 1:-

Then out of nowhere the light bulb above your head magically turns on, & you realise that, stashed in your backpack there is a battery, a paperclip and/or some wire mesh.

You’ll also need to find yourself some dry wood, dry leaves & a bit of bark from a nearby tree.

1) Now its time for you to get down to business. Dig a shallow hole in the ground, place the dry leaves & bits of bark in the hole. This is whats called a tinder nest. Which will be used to catch the flame that you are going to produce.

2) Take your battery & identify the terminals (positive & negative signs.)

3) Now your going to rub the steel wool (or paperclip) on both terminals continuously. This will create an ignition, just like your toaster works in your home kitchen. Make sure to rub close to the tinder nest.

4) The steel will start to glow, now blow gently to feed the flame, swiftly placing the steel over & to the the tinder nest, as you continue to blow gently. Keep feeding & blowing the small flame that will appear, until you have a steady fire. Keep adding bigger bits of bark & dry leaves to gain momentum, be carefull not to add too much as your newly made campfire will be a small bonfire before you know it. Or even worse you’ve just managed to set fire to your whole campsite. But Thats it, you’ve done it! Your half way to being a proper little fire starter now. But wait… What if you had no battery?

Option 2:-

Ok, you’ve done your little River Dance to dry off a bit from your fall. Now this is an alternative if you have no battery.

Your camping so you most definitley will have a pocket knife of some sort. You will need a dry piece of wood & a sturdy wooden stick. The same procedure goes for the tinder nest as in option 1. This is what you do.

1) Place the piece of wood close to the nest, cut a tiny v-shaped hole in the centre with your pocket knife, just large enough to fit your wooden stick (spindle).

2) Place the v-shaped hole over your bark & leaves (nest), to catch the heat from the friction that will be caused by your piece of wood & spindle stick.

3) Place the end of your spindle stick into the hole (whoop, whoop) of your piece of wood with the v-shaped hole. Hold between your palms & spin it as rapidly as possible in a rubbing motion, similar to rubbing your hands together in satisfaction.

4) Once the wood starts to glow, continue spinning & blow gently to feed the flame. This will transfer the small flame created to the tinder nest.

5) Still blowing, feed the flame by placing larger bits of bark & dry leaves. Then Wa’La! You can stand up & do the Castaway Caveman dance & beat your chest while singing, “I have made fire!”

Your now the complete fire starter who will never be without a fire to keep yourself warm or to cook your dinner whilst on a camping trip. These tips may one day come in handy for you as they have done for me in the past. Even if you never have a problem with your lighter, its still a cool trick to show & you will feel like bear grylls infront of your mates if a few of you decide to go camping.

Stay tuned for some more quick, trick tips in the future & trust me, both these ways work like a wet dream!

Stay cool campers & never play with fire. 😜

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