Top 5 places to visit on a budget

The top 5 places to visit, for anyone that has to consider their budget this year .

hero-bg-thumbWe’ll start with, no#1 Thailand.

Although most people may think Thailand is expensive to visit, it really does’nt have to hurt your budget that much. With the biggest outlay being on booking your flights. But with 2 way ticket prices starting from as liitle as £300 on Skyscanner it really is a bargain. Because once you arrive, you can still live like a King (or Queen), on a relatively small budget.

The accommodation in Thailand is ridiculously cheap, with apartments being as cheap as £60-£70 a month, (yes a month!). You might aswell visit for atleast a 30 day stay. Then if you want to stay longer, because you have realised that you still have half your planned budget left in your wallet. You can do the Visa Run to the border and re-enter for another fantastically cheap 30 days! The cost of living in Thailand is very low even in the big cities like Bangkok. With a good day & night of eating, drinking and everything else in between, probably amounting to £30-£40 at the very most. And with that you’ll be classed as a very big spender, more than likely gaining an entourage of followers in the process! It has to be up there in the top 5 places to visit. The living expenses are border-line crazy & amazingly cheap, that I’m thinking about putting on my backpack and flying over there right now as I’m writing this!

The nightlife in bangkok is so good it’s up there with any place in the World. (beware to those on the pull while partying, you could easily mistake a ladyboy for being the new love of your life when them beer goggles kick in;-) This has’nt happened to me, I might add! But has to a friend, we still have a good laugh about that when we reminisce.

Thailand is a fantastic place to visit & one of the cheapest. That’s why it’s no#1 on my list.

IMG_20170719_130123No#2 is, Corfu. Greece.

I spent 28 days in Corfu back in 2006. I started in Arillas, then on to Dassia and from there to Sidari. It’s a small but beautiful island with very friendly people. I still stay intouch with 2 brothers Dimitri & Spiro, who both made my stay very enjoyable. Taking me off the beaten track, showing parts of Corfu that many tourists don’t see.

Prices for return flights start from as little as, £250 via Skyscanner. Accommodation is farely cheap ranging from £15-40 a night in Hostels. Cheaper if you book a weekly stay. Apartments can be snapped up at €350-€500 a month. Or camping at just €5 per night.

For night life the best place is Kavos. The drinks are so cheap you could easily come close to death via alcohol poisoning! Dassia also has excellent night life. But for the quieter stay my option would be Arillis. It has a long strip of beach with many shops, pubs and places to eat. But the atmosphere and people are so relaxed, you can just chill and enjoy the vibe! I definitely plan on going back sometime soon & would recommend a visit to Corfu to anyone.

IMG_20170719_130154.jpgNo#3, Cyprus.

I spent 2 weeks in the city of Limasol, at the Eden Hotel. The hotel was great, with a rooftop pool & situated right opposite the beach. The Castle is a sight for sore eyes. Me and my mate Danny had a good time. We played Tennis most days as there were tennis courts in the massive park to the right of our hotel which we knew nothing about when we booked up. But was a nice surprise. We both got sunstroke in the end, so it must of been from playing tennis in the heat. Madness!

The nightlife is great, cheap aswell & with Aiya Napa just a peddle boat away, its got everything for everyone. There’s so much to do in Cyprus with many different areas to go, it’s a must for any holiday maker to visit atleast once.

Return flights start from, £300. The accommodation is cheap enough ranging from €20-€30 for Hostels. Hotel rooms can get expensive. But I would opt for a short-term holiday rental apartment. Prices can range from as little as €200 a month if you shop around. And for that, who can complain!

IMG_20170718_123157No#4, Murcia, Spain.

I was in San Javier. At the Camping Mar Menor site & I’m going back this year. Murcia is on the rise & thats reflecting it’s prices. But it’s still a cheap place to visit if you budget right. On the camp Mar Menor its very cheap. I rented a little chalet thing, very basic, with a cooker, bed & a toilet. But it had its own patio style garden with table & chairs to sit & relax, overlooking the beach. You actually opened your gate & you were on the beach. Ideal for the solo traveller. All for €220 for 3 weeks.

Return flights start from £270. It’s best to try Ryan air to take you straight to San Javier airport. Otherwise you go to Alicante airport then travel to Murcia.

I would recommend San Javier as one of the best places in Murcia to visit but thats just my opinion. The water sports available are excellent & cheap, €15 an hour for the jet ski is very reasonable.

All accommodation is priced to compete, so it’s not hard finding the best rates whilst there, or online. Visit Murcia and you might not want to leave!

IMG_20170718_123231No#5, Barcelona, Spain.

Although not considered a cheap place to visit. I just had to inlcude it. Barcelona is brilliant! & can still be visited on a budget. Just for a short stay that is. My last trip here was with an ex-girlfriend. We stayed for 4 days just off the centre of Las Ramblas. We just booked the flights on impulse & travelled without any accommodation. We were lucky though, because as soon as we got off the airport bus, this Dutch girl came over offering a studio flat for €150 for a 4 day stay. Which we gratefully accepted on the spot! It was obviously her own & she was probably staying at a friends while we were there, to help pay her rent. That’s what me and my ex decided on anyway.

There is alot to do in Barcelona by day & by night. The square in Las Ramblas is always packed. The rush of the city is obvious. The shops, bars and restaurants are’nt the cheapest. But it’s still a must go to city. I highly recommend it! & you have to visit Madrid for Barcelona’s football stadium, the Nou Camp. Entry was €15, which includes a full tour, where you can have your pic taken with the players for €5. (Only cardboard cut-outs,) but it still looks good. I have a pic on my wall with, me, Messi & Ronaldinho hanging proudly.

Las Ramblas is the place to be though, you can stay there all day & night. Barcelona has something for everyone. So book a flight & enjoy a short stay!

Return flights start from -£150. Via Skyscanner. Very good rates available all year round! Accommodation can be hard to find but if your lucky, like we were, then it’s not to bad. It is best to book before you go. There are many Hostels, all competing with each other, so some good rates to be found from as little as €5-30 a night. Hotels can get daft, but you might still find a room for €45-65 a night. Visit Barcelona for a trip you will never forget!

That’s my top 5 right now. If anyone decides to visit. I hope you enjoy your stay & make many memories you won’t forget!

See ya when you get back 😃




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