Solo Travel.

The Solo Traveller.hero-bg-thumb

If you love to travel and are dreaming of conquering the World, but you have no one to do it with. Then why not do it solo!

There’s absolutely nothing to be afraid of. You really can live your dream and travel the World.

Solo travel is the greatest gift you can give yourself.  You will learn an incredible amount about yourself, other people, other cultures and a whole lot more about this amazing World we inhabit and what it has to offer.

It will help you in many different ways, like finding out who you are and what you want in life. You will grow as a person and realise that you can do just about anything and that you are strong enough for whatever life throw’s your way! You will overcome any fears and dare to be happy.

On your travels you will meet new people, you will learn that these people have a whole different World of cultures for you to discover. Nothing like the culture you grew up in. These new discoveries will enrich you in so many ways, helping you to continuously grow stronger and fill your mind full of knowledge.

When solo traveling, it’s you that makes all the decisions, like where to go, what to do, setting your budget, what situations you encounter and many more. It’s all up to you.  You will discover alot about yourself and how far you can go! You will feel alive, more alive than ever before.  You will know what being independent is really all about.

But don’t worry, you won’t always be alone. There’s nothing like meeting like minded people. You will enjoy meeting other backpackers and hearing their stories, about their travel plans, places they’ve been to and where they recommend. Who knows where this might lead you to in the future.

While traveling solo your self confidence will rocket automatically, as the more you travel, the more you master! I’ve been traveling solo for years now. Every time I do, I grow in confidence and consistently learn new things and more about myself. But be aware, traveling alone will heavily influence how you think about your life and what you want from it! You will go from strength to strength before deciding on where your at, where your going, who you want to be and finally who you really are. You come back from your travels a different person as you have finally found your inner warrior!

Traveling solo is one of the most rewarding, fascinating, thrilling and life changing activities you will ever undertake. So why not put on your backpack and explore the World in it’s fullest. It will open your mind and open your eyes to the magnificent wonders this Planet has to offer. And all this can be done on a relative, realistic budget.

Well, what are you waiting for?

Make that decision, go on be brave! Become the Solo Traveller!




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