Visit Spain and learn the native tongue

IMG_20170717_143213Learning the Spanish Language.

How hard can it be?   Well I’ve been learning for almost a year now and I’m still nowhere near an accomplished Spanish speaker. But that has’nt put me off. Not one bit!

Spanish really is a beautifull language, and when you hear a Spanish chico or chica in full flow it’s like music to the ears.

It is the 2nd most spoken language in the World, behind?    English I hear you say!     Chinese is the most spoken.   Shock, horror! Can you believe that?     So with that in mind it really is a good idea to learn Spanish as a second language. Who know’s when and where you might need it in the future.

Speaking from experience the best and probably your first port of call would be to download some mobile apps, because the range available is very good indeed! There are lots of free Spanish grammar and vocabulary apps, along with just your very basic learning, which will atleast give you your hola, adios,por favor, gracias, hasta luego and the likes. Then as you progress you can maybe invest in a couple of good books (Spanish conversations for fluency) and an online course to help further your growing ability. And if your game enough you can even add a few Spaniards on social media and hold chat conversations to really test yourself.

The best advice is to never give up. Don’t stop half way through your learning like many do, because you’ll be surprised at just how much you’ve forgotten already. Pace yourself and stick with it. Soon enough you’ll be fluent! Now would’nt that be an achievement!

All of this will at the very least set you in good stead if you decide to holiday in sunny Spain. Which for those that have’nt had the pleasure to visit, I would strongly recommend that you do!

Go on, book a trip and enjoy the beauty of Espana this year. I guarantee you will love it!

While your there why not take up a short course during your stay. I hear most saying” well thats the last thing I would do on a holiday.” But where better to further your Spanish than Spain itself! Why not mix with the locals and enjoy their culture. I’m planning to do exactly that on my next visit and I can’t wait!

If you do visit Espana, then why don’t you live a little and go off the beaten track. Visit the Old Town’s and talk to the locals. They love to see and help a foreigner who’s trying to speak their language.


It really does make perfect!

So for all you budding Spanish speakers out there. Good luck and, “feliz aprendizaje!

(happy learning.)






3 thoughts on “Visit Spain and learn the native tongue

  1. Well done for persevering with learning a new language – did you completely self-teach? Did you find motivation was difficult? I love learning new languages but get bored/frustrated far too quickly! 🙂

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    1. Yes, self taught & still learning. It is difficult at times but you have to persevere. Im motivated to continue because i love the language but it is frustrating at times. I hope to live in Spain soon enough. Thanks for comment!

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  2. I’ve also considered learning Spanish, have been to Tenerife 10 times, Majorca twice and Gran Canaria once. What’ commen? Yeah they all speak Spanish 😊 Have even considered moving to Tenerife when I get retired (or earlier if possible). Being able to speak the language is crucial of course.

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