British Brexit

Is this end of the Budget Europe Traveller?

Being a keen Traveller myself, who loves traveling Europe (on a very tight budget indeed,) I have nothing but concerns about us leaving the European Union, and I’m sure many other Travellers do too!

We are about to totally isolate ourselves come the Year 2020, In my opinion, and I bet any Serial Traveller will be keeping a close eye on any possible exit deals and how they will affect their future travel plans.

The main concerns I’ve heard from other Travellers is the Visa application process and what it will all mean in the long-term. Will we have to apply for a Visa if our stay is longer than 30 days? How much extra will this be? Can we only stay for a maximum of 90 days without a Student Visa? Or will there be a Visa Run like they do in Thailand? Where after your 30 day stay, you can make your way to the border and get your passport stamped, then re- enter the Country for another 30 days? Crazy as it is, but many do this!

These are just a few of the many questions that need answered about Brexit.  Can we be like Norway and have all the benefits of the European Union without actually being in it? Why not? If they do why can’t we?

If like me, you like to stay in a Country for more than 30 days. Sometimes 6 months to a year this is going to be a very big problem for us. And may seriously dent our already tight budget.

How far will the British Pound dip in value to the now, not so weak and poxy Euro? At what cost will this further affect our shoe string budget when travelling around Europe?

I have this nightmare where Im in a local shop in Barcelona and at the checkout, the lady hears my accent and says, “Oh your British, you pay extra!” With this I wake up in the middle of a severe panic attack!  Is it a sign of things to come for us British with our ludicrous brexit plan?

Us Travellers want answers and we want them now. Not in 2020!

And for all you “leavers” out there, I really hope i don’t offend anyone, but shut your face up and give your head a wobble! Isolation is’nt a good thing. What about when your stuck in a foreign airport for hours trying to prove who you are and what the purpose of your visit is. When all your trying to do is have a family holiday! Not to mention the born & bread British business,  that will have to fight to compete and survive amongst Europe’s best!

Why 2019 & 2020 deadline. Why make everybody wait? When there is a strong possibillity that we will just scrap Brexit when 2020 arrives. Can we, or even should we hold another voting campaign now? Instead of this long drawn out wait for what can only be bad news anyway!






4 thoughts on “British Brexit

  1. Everyone coming into politics likes to think they have new ideas. Trouble is, they are not usually new, they are either recycled from failures of past regimes or they have been discounted by thinking people who realized the pitfalls. As they say, those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it. And do not even get me started on Trump.

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